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Mifido Mouth Spray


Your pet’s health starts with clean Teeth!  

Do you know that dogs have more than 600 types of bacteria in their mouth?  

It’s their habit to bite and lick their body parts. By having a clean oral hygiene, less bacteria will be transferred to the body during these biting and licking activities. This protects further from skin irritation or infections.   

  • Removes bad breath  
  • Prevents tartar  
  • Made from 100% naturally derived liquid toothpaste 
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How to use:

Spray 1-2 times on the left and right teeth after meal or before sleep. Recommended 1-2 times daily. 


Full Ingredients:

Spring Water, **Ethyl Alcohol, *Anise Essential Oil, *Mint Essential Oil, **Marigold Extract, *Lemon Essential Oil, *Sage Essential Oil, *Cloves Essential Oil 


*Natural essential oils 

**Bio natural ingredients 


[BUNDLE] Mouthspray + Essential Bath Kit, 1 x Mifido Mouth Spray, 2 x Mifido Mouth Spray

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    Good spray! Recommended 👍🏻

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  3. Chuong Yii Thung

    Good product for oral hygiene

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