Having a furry companion can be super exciting as it is a bundle full of joy and bliss. While it can be very exciting to add an extra member to the household, do be mindful that it comes with a big commitment and responsibility.  

If you’re here on this page, then you must be thinking of getting a furry companion and that’s great! We have narrowed down a few important things that you should consider before getting a pet! 



Are you 100% committed?

Being a pet owner means taking up a huge responsibility and it requires a long-term time commitment. Dogs and cats require a lot of attention which includes taking care of their diet, cleanliness, entertainment and health. Not to mention, they have an average lifespan of 12-15 years, would you be able to commit for such a long time? If you feel that it is difficult for you to devote your time to them, then getting a pet may not be a wise choice for you.  


Lifetime costs

Besides being committed, it is also important to consider your financial capability. This is because owning a pet can take up a huge amount of costs. From food, grooming, toys, accessories to veterinary care and supplements, these are the costs that are unavoidable especially when you own a pet because it is part of their essentials.  


Does it suit your own lifestyle?

Pets require a lot of attention . They need you to interact, play with them and even bring them out for walks and exercise. So, if you have a busy lifestyle, long working hours or frequent travelling, it may not be wise to get a pet. This is because leaving them in solitude can actually cause more damage to their mental wellbeing and behaviour. 


Do you have enough living space to cater for it?

Your home may have enough space to cater for you and your family, but is it enough to cater for a furry companion? Having enough space for your fur friend is an important factor to ensure that they live comfortably with you. So be sure to have it all planned before getting a pet! 

As the bottom line, getting a furry companion is a great decision as it requires a lot of commitment and responsibility. Do make sure to give it a lot of thought to whether it is the right choice for you and most importantly, be a responsible pet owner. 


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