First of all, congratulations on finding your new furry companion and welcome to the wonderful world of being a paw parent! We have all the things that you need to know about caring for your new pet, exclusively here at Peekapaws.  


Fulfil your Dog’s Basic Needs


Pets are a great source of comfort and they make our lives whole. Now that you’re a proud paw parent, it is definitely a must to master the basics of dog care as you welcome your new companion to your home. Every dog needs proper nutrition, adequate home care, comfortable quarters and social interactions. Once you cover the basics, you’ll definitely be on the right path to giving your fur friend an amazing life with you. 


1. Choosing the right, healthy and nutritious food

A healthy diet is the main foundation of your dog’s health. It is important to pick the right type of food that fits your dog’s basic nutritional needs to make sure that it is healthy and happy. That being said, there is definitely no right or wrong answer when it comes to dog food. So if your dog is eating well with a certain type of dog food then it should be fine for as long as it is healthy and well-balanced.  


2. Proper home care- grooming and using the right type of products 

Their skin coat is much more sensitive and delicate compared to ours as their skin layer is much thinner with 3-5 cells thick (ours: 10-15 cells thick), and there is less epidermis to protect their organs. Although there is a wide range of pet shampoos in the market to choose from, you can start by understanding the type of ingredients contained in the product. Choosing a healthy and right shampoo will protect their primary level of protection and keep them safe. 

It may not be obvious but grooming also provides many health benefits for our pets. Regular grooming helps to ventilate their coat, helping it grow healthy and strong. 


3. Comfortable sleeping space

An average dog sleeps between 12 to 14 hours a day while puppies will sleep for 16- 20 hours. Like us, our dogs need good quality sleep to stay healthy, so they will need a comfy space to snooze on just like us- a cozy spot to sleep that is not the floor 

Getting a comfortable bed for your fur friend is a good start to ensure better sleep. Moreover, it can also help to support their joints! A supportive dog bed is beneficial to cushion your dog’s body and it can provide relief to your dogs as they age.  


4. Bond with your fur friend

Every dog requires proper training and playtime as it gives your dog a sense of structure and it brings them joy. A great way to start is by doing some training with healthy treats and toys, it can further enhance the special bond that both of you share. Take a little time each day to train and play with your dog as it keeps both of you happy and healthy, and most importantly to always be patient with your fur friend. 

5. Be a responsible Paw Parent

This is the most important thing you need to know as a first-time paw parent. Being a responsible paw parent is all about accepting, committing your time and heart to your dog for life because we are the only ones they have! It also means taking proper care of their needs and being a good paw parent in your community. If you can do this, you are on the right track of being a responsible paw parent. 

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